Hell is freezing.

I always thought that hell is hot, but the climate change might have changed this soon ago.

Beside that the whole week should be frosty like this. But who cares, we still have enough oil and gaz to burn and a long as we don’t expect the sun to do the natural work, we’ll be fine.

Btw, the politicions in Cacun, Mexiko fixed it: the world will only get two deegrees celsius hoter by 2030 (or 2050? I might have missed there something), funny that Airbus announced that by 2030 there will be 26.000 more airplanes needed, Boeing calculates even with more. I assume that this is not yet calculated in that celsius numbers or the airplanes are not poluting the air at all – probably both, just to be sure.

To be sure that it is getting warmer, i have booked one flight now to check how Tokyo is this winter. I mean we have to compare, don’t we?

Hell we have.